Monday, October 19, 2009

NEVERMORE **Update**

It's official today that we will be, some time soon, releasing two more works of art. This release will be of two different shirts that go by the names of "Premature Millionaires" & "NeverLove:Rose". Pictures coming as soon as today so check back tonight.

Premature Millionaires

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The inspiration in this piece is from one of the widely popular hip-hop artist Drake's latest Ep "So Far Gone". The song, "Fear", is a highly emotional ride which Drake explores that same emotion. With honesty, he boasts the firey line "Fuck all ya'll, we ignore feelings here. Premature Millionaires, welcome to our realest year". Instantly when we heard this we found out exactly what we where & what we where going to be called from that day on. We are Premature Millionaires. Wanting to show much respect for the classic work of art from Drake, we made sure to use the same exact noticeable font on the cover of this EP. Being that this is an introduction of who we are we've decided to limit the number of shirts made and sold to 24. Welcome to Nevermore Premature Millionaires...


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718 is a very special inspired shit. A shirt that embodies what nevermore is, from our vivid imaginations to our very honest realities. As you can see, this is specificly geared toward the females in an effort to introduce the world of NEVERLOVE. A world that will consist of 10, real people, inspired characters that represent the essence of a females feelings. The first to be introduced goes by the name of Rose, a 19 year(story TBA), whos shown on the back of the shirt. As well as the character, there is also the number 718 on the front collar. This nuber brings the honesty to this whole design. It's actually the birthday -7/18- of Rose's Late father Juan Antonio Arrocho Jr.. Stayed tuned for more great inspired designs & pieces from brand new & interesting world of NEVERLOVE.

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